The Mixed-Reality Capture Studio (MRC Studio) is a group of experts within Durham College who are engaged in the application of real-time graphics technology. You can learn more at our official page.

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Many companies have worked with MRC Studio to receive a boost to their productions. Click below to learn how the MRC Studio can help you to take advantage of Applied Research, How we can add resources that benefit your production, and see what our whole process looks like.

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We're focused on continual growth of our team members. That means it's just as important to upskill and retain learnings as it is to complete projects. Personal growth is supported with healthy habits, realistic scoping, and fulfilling work. Read on to learn more about the team at MRC studio, and how you can join.

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MRC Studio is a part of Durham College. This site is not endorsed or maintained by the college. It is unofficial and for promotional use only. Visit our official site here and give us a follow on Twitter if you're into that kind of thing. This site is maintained by Ryan Miller, Project Manager at MRC Studio.