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The People of MRC Studio


Project Leads

Called "Principal Investigators" in Applied Research. Our team brings a high level of technical expertise backed with the wisdom of countless completed projects and years of experience. Called "PI" for short, these individuals interface directly with industry partners and every member of the team to ensure project success

Harrison Forsyth (he/him)
XR (VR/AR), Unity, Unreal, Photogrammetry, Archaeology

Shel Kahn (they/them)
Art Direction, Colour Design, Illustration, Game Art for Procedural Generation

Ryan Levac (he/him)
3D Art, Material Creation, Unreal, Unity, VR, Asset Optimization, Realistic Art

Darryl Malloy (he/him)
Character Animation, Blender, Maya

Gavin McCarthy (he/him)
Illustration, Art Direction, Storyboarding, UI Design, Infographics

Ryan Miller (he/him)
Unity, C#, 3D Art, Optimization, Project Management

Fergui Pascual (he/him)
Blender, Modelling, Rigging, Animation, Character Art

James Smith (he/him)
Unity, Unreal, C#, Android, Game Design

JP Stringham (he/him)
Unity, C#, Game Design, Architecture

Understanding Roles

Principal Investigators
A project leadership role, who will:
  • Be the Technical Leader of the project
  • Provide mentorship to team members
  • Manage the day-to-day of the project
  • Work with the Client on topcs like scoping, requirements, milestones, and delivery
  • Receive support from the Project Manager to conduct business and overcome obstacles

  • Research Associates
    Industry Professionals, who will bring specific skills to the project such as,
  • Unity or Unreal Development
  • 3D Environment or Character Art
  • Technical Art
  • Generalist Game Developer
  • Concept Artist or Illustrator
  • Rigger, Animator, or Mocap Cleanup
  • Quality Assurance

  • Research Assistant
    A student studying at Durham College who possesses game development skills, as listed in the previous positions. Typically these line up with the Game Art, Animation, Computer Programming and Interactive Media programs, but all students are eligible.


    To apply for any of the above positions, send us an e-mail with the subject "MRC Job Application". Attach your resume as a DOCX or PDF and include links to samples of your work. Cover letters are optional, but we need to know your preferred positions (not just "I'll work on anything", please!).
    Postings for specific positions will be shared here from time to time, but applications are always opening. We'd love to hear from you!


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